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Midi-Pyrénées 19/20

Florence was on local TV news yesterday!!!

Click on the above image or from here you can watch Florence’s segment.

For those of you who are non-French speakers, here is the translation of Florence’s segment:

Reporter (Nicole Honold) – Florence Berluteau  describes herself as a “poetographer ,” in other words both a photographer and a poet. She works at Blagnac airport. Her pictures can be seen at Fnac Wilson, in Toulouse downtown.

F.B. – “Attention please, passengers traveling to the Yunnan Province are invited to proceed to the Forum gate, departure level, for an immediate boarding. Thank you.”

N.H. – This voice belongs to Florence Berluteau & you have probably heard it at Toulouse-Blagnac airport where she works. By announcing flight departures, she ended up leaving to China, with a camera in hand, heading for the Yunnan Province that totally captivated her…

F.B. – I went there in order to capture colors & I was amazed by the kindness of the people.

N.H. – When we look at Florence’s photographs exhibited at Fnac in Toulouse, we feel immediately what she likes to capture : snapshots, details, no preparation & no color filters.

F.B. – Everything is so vivid in this part of China! You enter into the “color world.” To me, color means life & I felt the most comfortable there despite the language barrier.

N.H. – Florence is not only inspired by the far end of the world…

F.B. – (Talking to herself, spotting an interesting subject) This is quite unusual…

N.H. – Here, in the bamboo park of Gandalou, Tarn & Garonne area, Florence shoots the light, straight lines, graphic patterns & poetry; therefore, she is named the “poetographer.”

F.B. – I said to myself that the word “photographer” was appallingly trite, so I had to find something else. As I felt a true personal synergy between poetry, literature & photography, I came up with the neologism “poetographer.” Afterwards some people wrote me they had found some poetry in my work.

N.H. – Jean-Louis Carrasco, one of the organizers of “L’instant Japon” in Toulouse, has a collection of Florence’s pictures that is becoming richer. He even asked her to illustrate his next book entitled ” L’orient de soi- un voyage au Japon des gens d’ici”.

J-L.C. – The theme of the book is to find the basic things we import from Japan that are common to our own culture. For example, you are walking along the Garonne river & the sun is setting… Well, that’s the essence of Japan… but that’s not just in Japan, it’s everywhere…

N.H. – USA just awarded Florence Berluteau for 3 pictures : the geisha, the water reflections & the floating rose petal, with a little ant on board, traveling away a bit like Florence…


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