Jun 18
Magazine Article Photo
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magazine-coverOne of the Florence’s water works, “Balloon DNA” has been published for an article in the first issue of ADT magazine. It was used to illustrate how to be creative at the time of this economic crisis. The magazine is  about art, culture, trend, sports, etc., and a quarterly publication.

It is in French, and so I have no idea what this ad is about…

By the way, there is an interesting story behind this picture.

This Balloon series photos were shot at a swimming pool of Florence’s friend’s. Florence came up with this idea, and she bought a bunch of balloons and Florence and her friend blew up 70-80  balloons manually (using their mouths and lung power). I bet their cheeks must have hurt after blowing up so many balloons. Then they put all the balloons in the pool as Florence wanted. Everything was fine up to this point, as far as I was concerned. Then disaster hit.

Some balloons ran away from the pool and flown off all over the yard!

Florence and I chased after them and tried to rescue them, but unfortunately some balloons killed themselves by landing on stingy rose bushes. Sometimes we could hear the sound of pop, but could not see them. Pop… Pop… Pop… (just like a bag of popcorn is nearly done in a microwave).

We finally found a way to keep them together in the swimming pool, but the story did not end here. Those balloons did not want to stay together like Florence wanted! No wonder some of them ran away. They must have had a huge disagreement among them. Florence wanted them at one corner of the pool, but they didn’t listen to her. Boy, weren’t they obedient! I, as Florence’s assistant had to talk some sense into them and beg them.

“Everyone, come this way. Good. That’s it. A little bit closer. Yes. You can do it. No, no, no, no, not that way. Here, this way. You are doing great. Wonderful. Smile, everyone. PLEEEASE!”

Then after several shots, some of them started to get tired. I couldn’t blame them because they had been in the water for a long time. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some of them just quit working by letting the air out of their body!!!

What a crowd…

Jun 14
Exhibition “Step by Step in Japan”
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Here we go! A series of exciting news begins with this announcement.

This year’s exhibition #3 will be held at the prestigious bookstore, Ombres Blanches. Florence will exhibit pictures from Japan including some never-seen-before pictures.

Above image is the cover of Ombres Blanches’ free paper (June edition). Yes, Florence’s picture made the cover! The photo was shot at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto. I’ll post another entry some time later about Florence and Fushimi Inari. Click the image above and you’ll see the article about Florence and her exhibition.

Title: Pas à pas au Japon

Date: du 04 juillet au 16 août

Place: Librairie Ombres Blanches  50, rue Gambetta, 31000 Toulouse

Website: http://www.ombres-blanches.fr/

Jun 13
Three Frames
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This picture was one of the most popular pictures of this year’s l’instant Japon. It was taken at Tenryu-ji temple, one of the head temples of Rinzai Zen Buddhism, in Kyoto. It is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The garden at this temple was just spectacular. In autumn when the colors of the leaves change, it shows a stunning view. Unfortunately we couldn’t be there in autumn, but I think Florence somehow captured the view.

By the way, this photo was taken in ONE SHOT. Florence told me some people just did not believe her. They insisted on three images being merged into one, even after Florence explained it was only one image. Believe me, people. I was there. She clicked the shutter just once and the image came out like this. No cut & paste. No multiple exposure. No manipulation!

Florence has received some exciting news, and I can’t wait to share it in here. Stay tuned!


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