Aug 19
Exhibition “Japan – Vivid Colors”
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Florence is going to PARIS!!!

Another exhibition has been scheduled at Espace Japon in Paris. Here is the detail:

Title: Japon – Couleurs vives

Date: du 29 septembre au 10 octobre

Place: Espace Japon  12 rue de Nancy, 75010 Paris

Opening: Mardi 29 septembre 2009 à partir de 18h


The picture above entitled, “Geisha at a glance” was awarded Honorable Mention from the 2008 International Photography Awards, and will be shown at Espace Japon. There will be of course never-be-seen-before pictures also. So please everyone, especially those who live in Paris or near Paris, come to see the show!

By the way, this photo has an interesting behind-the-scene story.

This picture was taken during one of the new year holidays in Kyoto, Japan. It was right in front of Nanzenji temple. Florence was taking pictures somewhere, and I was just walking around and patiently waiting for her. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this Geisha* woman and possibly her proprietress of the house walked by right in front of me. You know, shooting pictures of Geisha is a photographers’ dream, especially Florence, but she was not with me at that time. They were walking really fast, most probably because they didn’t want to attract all those tourists’ attention. I didn’t have time to go look for Florence. I said to myself, “Too bad, Florence lost a great shutter chance.” Then there she was. Florence came running, chasing after the Geisha!

Go Florence! Go!!!

Florence was running and running after the Geisha woman with her heavy camera in her hands and her camera bag on her back. The Geisha woman was going and going REALLY fast with short steps.

You know, you can’t really walk with long strides when wearing Kimono. You have to walk with tiny steps. Not only that, how in the world could a person walk or run so fast with these sandals on???


These sandals are called Koppori and made of wood. Good ones are hand made like this and really expensive:


Anyway, Florence finally caught up with this Geisha woman when she was about to get in a taxi cab.

Then all the miracles came together:

A BEAUTIFUL GEISHA woman with RED Kimono getting on a GREEN car GLANCED at Florence for one second, and Florence was able to click the shutter at that MOMENT.


* This woman is not really a Geisha. She is a Maiko (apprentice Geisha) to be exact.

Aug 4
Water Colors V
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Water Colors V

This is one of the pictures that will be exhibited at the VISA OFF festival in Perpignan, but is not in the Gallery of Florence’s main website.  Florence will show several pictures from her “Water Colors” collection at VISA OFF.

All of the pictures in this “Water Colors” collection look like paintings, but they are pictures (I swear!).  To this date, I still have no idea how Florence took these pictures.  She says it was a lot of work for her. I guess it’s a business secret…

Official titles of these pictures are Water Colors I, Water Colors II…, distinguished by the nubmers, but between Florence and I each picture has its own title (because we can’t remember which picture has what number) based on how it looks to us.  We won’t tell you what our unofficial titles are because we don’t want to limit your imagination.  So what does this picture look like to you?  What would your title be?

Aug 3
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Visa Off Logo

Okay, I said there would be a series of exciting news, and here is the big one. Sorry, it took me a while to make this announcement. I wanted to wait until at least Florence’s name would appear on the website, and finally the time has come.

Florence’s “Water Works” has been selected to exhibit at the 2009 VISA OFF festival in Perpignan!!!

The “Water Works” exhibition includes “Water Colors I” that received an Honorable Mention from the 2008 International Photography Awards.

VISA OFF is sponsored by the prestigious International Festival of Photojournalism, VISA POUR L’IMAGE, and these two big festivals will be held concurrently in Perpignan, France.  So photographers from all over the world including famous photojournalists will gather in Perpignan, and local restaurants and shops will become instant galleries for Visa Off exhibitions during the festival. I don’t know how they decide which shop to exhibit whose pictures, but Florence got lucky. Her exhibition will be held in a book store, Bébé en Bulles. I just don’t think her pictures would go well with a meat store… VISA OFF website has an interactive map, and Florence’s exhibition at Bébé en Bulles is number 29 on the map. Here is more detailed information about Florence’s exhibtion at Visa Off:

Title: Jeux d’eau  (2009 Visa Off exposition 29)

Date: du 29 août au 12 septembre

Place: Bébé en Bulles  10, rue de la Cloche d’Or,  66000 Perpignan


The official Opening of Florence’s exhibition will be on September 1, 2009. Also there will be a screening of her pictures on a humongous screen in the evening of September 9 at place de la République.

Florence and I are very excited (yes, I’ll be there) about this event and look forward to seeing you there!


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