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Florence appeared in a couple of magazines.  The first one is ADT.  In their first issue, one of her pictures was used for an article.  This time, Florence was asked to take pictures based on a theme that the magazine chose.  There were several pictures that they really liked, but in the end they decided to publish this photo above in a two page spread.  It is different from the kind of pictures that Florence normally takes, but definitely shows her unique perspective.  This photo was taken in France.

There was an article that was supposed to go with all the pictures. They decided not to include the article because they wanted to leave the largest space for this one picture and make sure not to diminish its impact. See the result? 😉  Though appreciated their thoughtfulness, Florence really liked the article. So here is the “phantom” article, in French :-(, written by D. Crebassol:

Florence Berluteau

Talents à découvrir : dans chaque numéro, à l’invitation d’ADT, un photographe livre sa vision de l’air du temps.

La rue, la nature et le ciel, les chantiers et les zones industrielles, quel que soit le contexte, quel que soit l’environnement, au vol du regard Florence Berluteau saisit en voyageuse des images découpées avec précision dans le flux dense des sensations. Elle en détache des détails accessoires, des vues légèrement décalées, avec une pointe d’humour, un certain goût de l’insolite et une fausse naïveté joyeuse, que renforce sa passion immodérée et toujours grandissante pour la couleur, franche, pure et tonique (la photo qui illustrait le dossier « Créer en crise » dans notre premier numéro, c’était elle). Avec Berluteau, même les sujets les plus graves, la pollution, l’errance, dégagent leur petite chanson : « allons, le monde n’est pas si laid, le monde n’est pas si triste… »

Another magazine appearance was in a travel magazine, TENTATION.  They introduced Florence in a small column and again I have no idea what it says.  Well, no, I can actually guess some of the things that this column talks about – the Visa Off prize and her recent showing at Fnac.  I can also tell that they published the wrong website address!  Florence’s website URL is They will make a correction in the next issue.


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