Sep 12
Nantes Opening
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Opening for Florence’s Nantes exhibition along with two other exhibitions has just been held this Friday evening at Cosmopolis.  And Florence’s exhibition made it to the next day’s newspaper, Presse Océan. Yeah!

Florence is talking to the Mayor of Nantes, Mr. Jean-Marc Ayrault.  And next to the Mayor is Mr. Korehito Masuda from Japan Embassy to France.

Look at this crowd!  I would say several hundreds people came.  Then the next day, Saturday alone, there were over 150 visitors for the exhibitions.  Wow!!!

I wish I understood French because people were making lots of comments while going through each one of her pictures and I would have liked to eavesdrop those comments 😉

Well, there are many “stories” about this Nantes exhibition (as always), but for now I wanted to quickly report the huge crowd that Florence had at the opening.  I’ll write about those stories later.  All I can say for right now is that I’ve been in Nantes for 4 days and today (the 4th day) was the first day that I did not sweat…

Stay tuned for more stories!

Sep 8
Veiled Woman
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Opening of Florence’s Nantes exhibition is this Friday!!!

Both Florence and I are very excited.

This is one of the new pictures that will be exhibited there.  Yes, Florence said okay to the sneak preview 😉   I don’t have time to write right now, but will tell you more about this picture at another time.


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