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It’s been, er………. wow, time for sure flies!
Sorry for my tardiness, but I have a good excuse. Between then and now, I quit my real job (FYI, being Florence’s assistant is not my real job), became a permanent resident of Canada, got a new job, packed up and left the U.S., moved to Canada, and started a new job. That’s in addition to things happened with my family back in Japan. See? Am I forgiven? 😛

Anyway, while I was doing all of that, Florence was traveling and shooting more pictures. I have finally got around to add more pictures to her main website. I also updated the gallery software, so now we can view her pictures with our mobile devices including those without Flash installed!!!

Unfortunately, there is still one problem. The pictures that Florence publishes on her website are very small. If you try to view them with your iPad, for example, those pictures get automatically stretched to fit to the screen size. So if you notice the photos are blurred, please know that it’s NOT because Florence’s photos are out of focus. It’s simply because the pictures on the website are small and that you are viewing the stretched version of them. This wouldn’t happen if you view the pictures with Flash installed mobile devices or computers.

Also, Florence’s new pictures are only viewable in her English site. It will take some more time for the French site to be updated. Please be patient.

On the side note, Florence finally got an iPhone, which means she has no excuse for not writing this blog. Everyone who knows her, please tell her to write her own blog!

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