May 21
New pictures
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It’s been, er………. wow, time for sure flies!
Sorry for my tardiness, but I have a good excuse. Between then and now, I quit my real job (FYI, being Florence’s assistant is not my real job), became a permanent resident of Canada, got a new job, packed up and left the U.S., moved to Canada, and started a new job. That’s in addition to things happened with my family back in Japan. See? Am I forgiven? 😛

Anyway, while I was doing all of that, Florence was traveling and shooting more pictures. I have finally got around to add more pictures to her main website. I also updated the gallery software, so now we can view her pictures with our mobile devices including those without Flash installed!!!

Unfortunately, there is still one problem. The pictures that Florence publishes on her website are very small. If you try to view them with your iPad, for example, those pictures get automatically stretched to fit to the screen size. So if you notice the photos are blurred, please know that it’s NOT because Florence’s photos are out of focus. It’s simply because the pictures on the website are small and that you are viewing the stretched version of them. This wouldn’t happen if you view the pictures with Flash installed mobile devices or computers.

Also, Florence’s new pictures are only viewable in her English site. It will take some more time for the French site to be updated. Please be patient.

On the side note, Florence finally got an iPhone, which means she has no excuse for not writing this blog. Everyone who knows her, please tell her to write her own blog!

Sep 12
Nantes Opening
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Opening for Florence’s Nantes exhibition along with two other exhibitions has just been held this Friday evening at Cosmopolis.  And Florence’s exhibition made it to the next day’s newspaper, Presse Océan. Yeah!

Florence is talking to the Mayor of Nantes, Mr. Jean-Marc Ayrault.  And next to the Mayor is Mr. Korehito Masuda from Japan Embassy to France.

Look at this crowd!  I would say several hundreds people came.  Then the next day, Saturday alone, there were over 150 visitors for the exhibitions.  Wow!!!

I wish I understood French because people were making lots of comments while going through each one of her pictures and I would have liked to eavesdrop those comments 😉

Well, there are many “stories” about this Nantes exhibition (as always), but for now I wanted to quickly report the huge crowd that Florence had at the opening.  I’ll write about those stories later.  All I can say for right now is that I’ve been in Nantes for 4 days and today (the 4th day) was the first day that I did not sweat…

Stay tuned for more stories!

Aug 9

Here you go, my BIG announcement!

Florence and her pictures will go to Nantes, France!!!

I knew of Nantes for the famous Edict of Nantes and Battle of Nantes from my history class, but didn’t know it is now a city of Art and Culture.  I heard many artists are moving there or want to move there.  For those of us who are not familiar with France, Nantes is only 2 hours from Paris by TGV.

So to make a long story short, this city of Nantes is going to have a big event about Japan from the end of August to the end of October.  The name of the event is “Itinéraires Nantes Japon.”  There will be lots of different shows, movies, lectures, performances, demonstrations, etc.  Also Nantes is a sister city to Niigata (northern very snowy part of Japan), and people from Niigata will participate in the special program.

The city’s official website is here.

You can click on the image below and download the official program (pdf file).

Back to Florence’s exhibition —

As you can see in the program, Florence’s exhibition is listed first 🙂  That’s a good sign, right?  Okay, are you ready?  Her exhibition will be at the main event site, Cosmopolis, and 50 Japan pictures will be shown there.  Yes, you read it right.  Fifty pictures, 5-0!!!  Not only that, some of them will be in large and larger sizes!!!!! (If you are curious about where those 50 pictures will be hung, go click “READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY” below.)

This is certainly the biggest exhibition ever.  And guess what.  Some of the pictures are brand new, fresh from the Japan trip that Florence and I did a few weeks ago!

By the way, I will never ever go back to Japan in the summer time.  It was like being in sauna all day (and night) long.  You would sweat just standing there.  It was even hard to breath at first because of the heavy humid air.  I just admire Florence so much for having carried her camera gears in that condition and actually shot great pictures.  If Florence okays, I’ll post one of the pictures here as a sneak preview before the exhibition.

With a room for 50 pictures, you would think it’s easy to select.  Well, it was not.  There were lots of other pictures that we wanted to show, but we had to drop them from the selection, unfortunately.  Neither Florence nor I like the picture selection process.  We have our favorites, but cannot choose all of them.  So often times we would end up getting into a heated discussion, if you know what I mean…

So here are Florence’s Nantes exhibition details:

Title: Japon – un pays, deux mondes

Date: du vendredi 10 septembre au dimanche 10 octobre

Place: Espace Cosmopolis 18, rue Scribe, 44000 Nantes

Opening: Vendredi 10 septembre 2010 à 18h30 (Inauguration)


Please everyone, come to Florence’s biggest showing ever!!!


Aug 9
In a newspaper (2)
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Florence appeared in a newspaper again!  Well, but it was some time ago, in January, to be exact.  The paper was La Dépêche du Midi.

Please someone translate this for me…

If you want to see the article in a larger size, click on the image. You’ll be able to view the actual article in pdf.

Jun 18
Orchestra Photo
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ADT 3rd CoverAfter featuring Florence pictures in their first two issues, the ADT magazine published another one in their 3rd issue. She did the shooting with some members of the orchestra at the Toulouse museum. Clefs de Saint-Pierre celebrates their 10th anniversary with the Capitole National Orchestra of Toulouse. We wish them bigger & stronger coming years like this elephant.

Jun 17
Collective Exhibition about Japan No.2
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Espace Japon 2010

Sorry, I have not been able to update this blog for a long time, but Florence has been really active in her work and got some very exciting news. I’ll catch up soon and let you know about all those excitements, but right now I need to make a quick announement.

Florence’s work on “unusual Japan” will be shown in Paris as a part of collective exhibition. There will be 3 other artists along with her showing Japan from very different perspectives using different approaches.
Here are details of the collective exhibition:

Title: Exposition Collective Autour du Japon – No 2 (Le Japon insolite)

Date: du 16 juin au 7 juillet

Place: Espace Japon 12 rue de Nancy, 75010 Paris

Opening: Vendredi 18 juin 2010 à partir de 18h


So the opening is TODAY and both Florence & I will be there. Please come to say hi to us!

Dec 19
Magazine Debut
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Florence appeared in a couple of magazines.  The first one is ADT.  In their first issue, one of her pictures was used for an article.  This time, Florence was asked to take pictures based on a theme that the magazine chose.  There were several pictures that they really liked, but in the end they decided to publish this photo above in a two page spread.  It is different from the kind of pictures that Florence normally takes, but definitely shows her unique perspective.  This photo was taken in France.

There was an article that was supposed to go with all the pictures. They decided not to include the article because they wanted to leave the largest space for this one picture and make sure not to diminish its impact. See the result? 😉  Though appreciated their thoughtfulness, Florence really liked the article. So here is the “phantom” article, in French :-(, written by D. Crebassol:

Florence Berluteau

Talents à découvrir : dans chaque numéro, à l’invitation d’ADT, un photographe livre sa vision de l’air du temps.

La rue, la nature et le ciel, les chantiers et les zones industrielles, quel que soit le contexte, quel que soit l’environnement, au vol du regard Florence Berluteau saisit en voyageuse des images découpées avec précision dans le flux dense des sensations. Elle en détache des détails accessoires, des vues légèrement décalées, avec une pointe d’humour, un certain goût de l’insolite et une fausse naïveté joyeuse, que renforce sa passion immodérée et toujours grandissante pour la couleur, franche, pure et tonique (la photo qui illustrait le dossier « Créer en crise » dans notre premier numéro, c’était elle). Avec Berluteau, même les sujets les plus graves, la pollution, l’errance, dégagent leur petite chanson : « allons, le monde n’est pas si laid, le monde n’est pas si triste… »

Another magazine appearance was in a travel magazine, TENTATION.  They introduced Florence in a small column and again I have no idea what it says.  Well, no, I can actually guess some of the things that this column talks about – the Visa Off prize and her recent showing at Fnac.  I can also tell that they published the wrong website address!  Florence’s website URL is They will make a correction in the next issue.


Nov 1
fnac exhibition II
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pink flower

Did you go to Florence’s “Jeux déau” exhibition in Perpignan or Espira de l’Agly?  If not, here is your chance.  Florence’s Visa Off 2009 winning photos will be exhibited at the fnac (Toulouse -Wilson) store!

Title:  Jeux d’eau

Date:  Du mardi 3 novembre au samedi 21 novembre 2009

Place:  Fnac Toulouse-Wilson (au forum) 16 all F Roosevelt 31000 Toulouse

Web:  Fnac Magasins

Oct 18
Two Exhibitions in One
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I’m late!  I’m late!!!

Two exhibitions, “Water Works” and “Colors of China”  are now open at the city hall in Espira de l’Agly.  It’s a village nearby Perpignan.  Please join Florence at the opening on October 23rd!

Exhibitions:  1) Jeux d’eau   2) le Yunnan “Couleurs de Chine”

Date:  du 16 au 31 octobre

Place:  Mairie Espira de l’Agly  27 Rue du Septembre, 66600 Espira de l’Agly

Opening:  Vendredi 23 octobre à partir de 18h30

The photo above entitled “Perfectionism” is in the “Colors of China” exhibition.   It was a window that Florence found in Yunnan prefecture.  What a meticulous work and striking colors!

Oct 17
Success in Paris
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Florence’s first exhibition in Paris at Espace Japon ended with success.  She exhibited 30 colorful pictures from Japan.  Look at all these people at the opening!  These pictures were shot by Monsieur Bernard Béraud (founder of Espace Japon).  Florence met many people there and talked, talked, talked, and talked.  I don’t know how she does it.  Talking, talking, talking, forever!  And she says she doesn’t like to talk.  You’re right…

Thank you, everybody who came to this exhibition!!!  Thanks Elodie with Espace Japon for your big help!

espace japon expo 1Espace Japon Expo 2

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