Jun 14
Crying Tigger
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Crying Tigger

We ran into a cute Tigger at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine during the new year festival, but neither Florence nor I knew she was crying until we saw this picture later on. In fact, she was a happy Tigger when we first found her. Look!

Happy Tigger

She was eating something and looked happy, but then what happened? What did you do to her, Florence!

Well, I’m sure she got scared when she saw a huge black camera with a big long lens right in front of her face. Or maybe she had never seen a “foreigner” before…

Don’t worry. Her mother was right there with this little Tigger. We asked the mother if it was OK to take a picture of her cute girl. The mother said, “Please.” She even made this little one say “arigato” (thank you) to Florence.

Thank you, cute little Tigger girl (and sorry if we scared you)!

Other Japan pictures will be on Florence’s main website soon. It’s been taking longer than we expected, but I’ve been working really hard. Please be patient and stay tuned!

Jun 6
Silver Bicycles
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Silver Bikes

This is another Japan picture taken in America-mura, Osaka.

There is nothing special, nothing really “Japanese” about this photo, but both Florence and I really like it.

Does anybody know what the sign says?

By the way, according to Florence, many people have asked her when her Japan photos will be uploaded to her main website. I will work on it this weekend. So stay tuned!

Apr 21
American in Osaka
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We met this cool guy in front of an American clothing store in America-Mura (American village), Osaka. We tried to talk to him, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he stroke this really cool pose for Florence.

America-Mura (or Amemura) is one of the hippest fashion districts in Osaka. There were lots of funky/strange style (in my eyes) young Japanese people there like these gals:


(These gals were not in America-Mura when this picture was taken, but you know what I mean when I say “funky/strange” style in my eyes.)


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