Jan 3
Bubbles I
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Happy New Year!

This year’s first photo is this one – Bubbles I.  There are some more Bubbles pictures, but I love this one the most.  This photo takes me to a fantasy world.  A dream — that’s what keeps us going.  That’s what keeps Florence moving forward, even at the most difficult times.  She has a dream.  I have a dream.

What is your dream?

Nov 1
fnac exhibition II
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pink flower

Did you go to Florence’s “Jeux déau” exhibition in Perpignan or Espira de l’Agly?  If not, here is your chance.  Florence’s Visa Off 2009 winning photos will be exhibited at the fnac (Toulouse -Wilson) store!

Title:  Jeux d’eau

Date:  Du mardi 3 novembre au samedi 21 novembre 2009

Place:  Fnac Toulouse-Wilson (au forum) 16 all F Roosevelt 31000 Toulouse

Web:  Fnac Magasins

Oct 18
Two Exhibitions in One
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I’m late!  I’m late!!!

Two exhibitions, “Water Works” and “Colors of China”  are now open at the city hall in Espira de l’Agly.  It’s a village nearby Perpignan.  Please join Florence at the opening on October 23rd!

Exhibitions:  1) Jeux d’eau   2) le Yunnan “Couleurs de Chine”

Date:  du 16 au 31 octobre

Place:  Mairie Espira de l’Agly  27 Rue du Septembre, 66600 Espira de l’Agly

Opening:  Vendredi 23 octobre à partir de 18h30

The photo above entitled “Perfectionism” is in the “Colors of China” exhibition.   It was a window that Florence found in Yunnan prefecture.  What a meticulous work and striking colors!

Sep 18
VIP Lounge Wall Art
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Isn’t it gorgeous?  Three pictures from Florence’s “Water Works” collection have been placed on the walls of the VIP lounge at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (private aviation).  I was so happy to see these pictures displayed in the way exactly I wished and hoped.  The size of this print is quite large: 160 x 110 cm. When I first entered the room, it was just breathtaking.  Wow… that’s all I could say. Then a few seconds later, all the joy and excitement came along. With this large size, you can even see the colors inside of the water drops!  The photo lab that Florence uses, Picto, did an amazing job reproducing the colors that Florence captured.

Unfortunately, with my digital pocket camera and my lack of photography skills, I couldn’t quite replicate how these pictures actually looked (to me) inside of this nicely decorated lounge.  Plus, not many people can actually see these displays unless you are considered a VIP and landed at the airport with your private jet.  Sorry… 🙁


This is “Traveling Ant” hang on the opposite wall. This one is a little smaller but still large: 120 x 80 cm.


“The Third Eye” is displayed in the business office inside of the lounge.  The print size is again: 120 x 80 cm.  When Florence first showed me this picture shortly after she shot it, I said to myself, “This picture would be perfect for a business office.”  Since then another photographer who saw this picture on Florence’s website has said the same thing.  Then there it is. The person in charge of decorating this lounge chose this photo in this business office!  I guess this must be the destiny of this picture.

By the way, how do you think Florence took this picture?  Some of you may know what this blue “eye” is, but what do you think this silver thing is?

Sorry, I cannot give you Florence’s “business secret.”  But if you go to Florence’s gallery at her website, there is another picture using the same materials.  That one might give you some idea what this silver thingy is 😉

Aug 4
Water Colors V
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Water Colors V

This is one of the pictures that will be exhibited at the VISA OFF festival in Perpignan, but is not in the Gallery of Florence’s main website.  Florence will show several pictures from her “Water Colors” collection at VISA OFF.

All of the pictures in this “Water Colors” collection look like paintings, but they are pictures (I swear!).  To this date, I still have no idea how Florence took these pictures.  She says it was a lot of work for her. I guess it’s a business secret…

Official titles of these pictures are Water Colors I, Water Colors II…, distinguished by the nubmers, but between Florence and I each picture has its own title (because we can’t remember which picture has what number) based on how it looks to us.  We won’t tell you what our unofficial titles are because we don’t want to limit your imagination.  So what does this picture look like to you?  What would your title be?


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